Making   Alberta   the
preferred   market   for
Entrepreneurs   &   Investors
Providing a unique support hub to empower the innovation ecosystem
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Immigrant Entrepreneurs play important roles in Canada's Economy

Business owners with paid staffs
in Canada are
Revenue generated by immigrant-owned businesses in Alberta (2019)
Jobs were supported by immigrant-owned businesses in Alberta (2019)
Our Story

A Tale of Immigrants

The story of Migr8+ is the tale of immigrant entrepreneurs who have arrived in Canada with dreams and ambitions. We recognize the unique obstacles and vast potential of these dynamic entrepreneurs, and our objective is to offer more than just a platform. We are establishing a community that provides support for aspirations and opportunities for visions to be realized.
Our Story

An Unwavering Dedication

Migr8+ is more than just a name; it symbolizes our unwavering dedication. As a comprehensive hub, we will provide a range of resources specifically designed for immigrant entrepreneurs. Our venture capital fund is prepared to invest in transformative ideas, ensuring that financial limitations do not impede groundbreaking innovations.

However, our support extends beyond financial assistance. Our non-profit division offers guidance throughout the intricate pathways of venture development, equipping every newcomer entrepreneur with the necessary knowledge, tools, and mentorship for success.
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Our Story

Shaping the Future

Situated in the vibrant tech and business sectors of Alberta, our hub is continuously adapting to meet the diverse needs of our members. Whether it's settlement support, networking opportunities, or industry-specific insights, our services aim to address every aspect of the immigrant entrepreneurial journey.

Migr8+ is not just a resource; it is a movement. It is where challenges are transformed into stepping stones, and where different perspectives converge to redefine innovation. We cordially invite you to join us on this transformative journey as, together, we shape the future of entrepreneurship in Canada.
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We Understand

There are many issues facing immigrant innovators and investors
Access to Funding
Newcomer entrepreneurs struggle to secure funding due to lack of credit history and absence of professional networks
Access to Investments
Newcomer investors are often unaware of attractive investment opportunities and structures available
Ecosystem Navigation
It can be difficult to know what services and programs are out there
Tailored Supports
The existing support resources are not tailored to the specific needs and characteristics of newcomers
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Here's how we help
1. Growing a team of specialists and community leaders to build exclusive content, products and services for newcomer entrepreneurs and investors.

2. Creating and executing marketing and outreach strategies to entice immigrant investors and entrepreneurs to utilize Migr8 and engage with ecosystem partners.

3. Collaborating with multiple partners and stakeholders within the ecosystem to offer top-notch services to the immigrant innovation community and optimize the value of ecosystem partners.

4. Establishing a framework to maximize government and private funding for immigrant entrepreneurs while producing significant profits for private investors.

5. Ensuring that the execution is consistent with the organization’s long-term goals and vision that the results are quantifiable and attainable for everyone around the table.

6. Supporting, promoting, and categorizing economic transitions in Alberta (ex. From local business owners to newcomer entrepreneurs)

Our Team

Meet your guides to the Canadian Innovation Ecosystem.

Bringing decades of experience in entrepreneurship, economic development, venture capital, and consulting to support you in your journey.
Ebenezer Mensa
Executive Director
Nicholas Newnes
Program Lead
Ha Nguyen
Board Member
Dipo Alli
Board Member
HP Nguyen
Board Member